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Family Law & Divorce

Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support Services

Family Law

Family Law Issues

A number of financial issues arise in connection with a marital dissolution, including support levels, sole/separate versus community nature of property, business valuation, stock options, waste, and more.

Expert Insights has testified on all of these issues on numerous occasions, and has a working knowledge of the relevant statutes and case law governing these areas.

Digital Forensics & Smartphones

The surge in the use of smarphones for daily communications provides an outstanding source of relevant information. From custody to perjury, information you are looking for to support your case can be located on their smartphone. Here are some examples of areas where smartphone data has been relevant:
  • Confirming suspicious spouse activities
  • Child custody
  • Confirming false representations
  • Child/spousal abuse
  • Transferring of funds
  • Hidden assets/income
  • Unknown relationships
  • Questionable spending
  • Covert business deals

Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support Services

  • Court appointed advisor for both financial and discovery issues
  • Locating hidden assets or income
  • Determining the true level of income for support purposes
  • Division of stock options under the time-rule formula
  • Business valuations including "Cockrill" issues
  • Identifying and documenting community waste
  • Searching a spouse's computer or smartphone for information relative to the litigation
  • Assistance in negotiations relative to equitable division of assets
  • Alter ego cases
  • Investigating one spouse's suspicions with respect to extramarital affairs, pornography or child custody concerns
  • Proper division between community and sole/separate property
  • Rebuttal testimony
  • Child custody issues
  • Related tax issues
  • Settlement analysis
  • Post-settlement financial planning to assist the client in making the best of their settlement
  • Professional athlete issues including pensions and QDROs
Expert Witness Testimony


"Mr. Reinmuth demonstrated that Husband's ability to direct investments and borrow money from other entities, as well as Husband's decision to borrow pension funds, supported the conclusion that Wife is entitled to broad discovery to reveal the extent of Husband's ownership and, therefore, the potential community ownership of millions of dollars in assets."

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