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Alter Ego Victory
Calender Mar 7, 2017 at 10:21am
Posted By Craig Reinmuth

Those of you who have worked on alter ego cases are aware of the strong burden of proof establishing alter ego and piercing the corporate veil. If successful however, it can open doors of available assets and income that a person is trying to shield from creditors, or their spouse. I was involved with a recent decision in Arizona where the court permitted the corporate veil to be pierced and allowed the assets to be entered into the community estate for division between the parties. This case involved a person who set up a company, back in 1999, to shield and protect his assets from creditors. He funneled his personal income and...

Posted By Craig Reinmuth

There are several areas of litigation support services Phoenix law firms utilize to get the results they need -- but by far the most effective is obtaining electronic evidence. With nearly all modern business -- both corporate and personal -- being performed over various forms of digital media, the use of the various digital forensics Arizona firms is becoming a must for litigators in Arizona and other states' courts. Why turn to Electronic Discovery in Litigation Support? If you have a hard drive, flash drive, compact disc, DVD, digital camera, cell phone, flip camera, floppy disk, personal data assistant, SD card, or iPad that might...


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