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Calender Mar 17, 2015 at 08:14am

Computer Forensics Experts in Phoenix

Digital & Computer ForensicsWhen you have a digital mystery that needs solving, there's a computer forensics expert in Phoenix that can help. Computer forensics is a relatively new field of study that deals with legal evidence found on computers and other forms of digital media. Computer forensics is a job that is in demand, and it's a small wonder -- traditional law enforcement is hard-pressed to stem the tide of computer crime these days! When it comes to computer forensics, Arizona is leading the nation, with top-notch litigation support teams offering forensic expertise to lawyers on either side of the case.

These technology experts deal with any type of crime or civil matter in which digital data can be used as evidence -- and nowadays, that's almost all cases. From their pre-trial work, from assisting counsel with case strategy, to the analysis of electronic data, to the gathering of all potential electronic and digital data (known as 'electronic discovery'), to testifying on the stand about the nature of the things they discovered in their digital sleuthing, Phoenix computer forensic specialists are at the top of their game. By combining a bit of legal knowledge with a lot of technical expertise, computer forensics technologists gather data from hard drives, writeable CDs, flash drives, floppy disks, cell phones, digital cameras, flip cameras, voice recorders, and Internet servers according to strict rules that govern the validity of their findings in a court of law. As computer crimes ranging from white collar embezzlement to adulterers exchanging text messages on throwaway cell phones, the demand for computer forensics personnel is only going to increase. But the law isn't the only area in which these remarkable professionals do their work.

Arguably the best such techs go into litigation support, but they can also be found working for private companies (both as employees and as consultants) and for public institutions such as hospitals and colleges. If you are suspicious of wrongdoing by an employee, a proactive and qualified forensic experts can review digital information in advance to confirm your suspicions prior to you pursuing them. In short, the moment anyone in Phoenix or anywhere else in the great state of Arizona comes up against a baffling digital mystery and they don't know where to begin, they would have a hard time finding a better option than making a phone call to their local computer forensic specialist. Just make sure they have the proper certification, such as EnCase Certified Examiner.
Craig Reinmuth

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Craig Reinmuth is a Certified Public Accountant with over 35 years of experience. He is President of Expert Insights, P.C., a full service litigation support firm providing services to legal communities nationwide. He has testified as an expert witness in Federal District Courts as well as District and Superior Courts in the States of Arizona, California, Montana, Nevada and Wisconsin. Learn more about Craig.

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