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Calender Apr 21, 2015 at 08:42am

Mobile Forensics Captures Relevant Case Data

Cell Phone ForensicsAs the Copper State moves boldly into the Information Age, putting wrongdoers on notice with the development of strong legal support like mobile forensics, Arizona becomes a harder and harder place to do the wrong thing and get away with it. It doesn't matter if you're a white collar criminal using your cellphone to take pictures of sensitive company documents and send them to a competitor, or just an everyday spouse who happens to have a secret lover you're trying to keep secret -- cell phone forensics can and will find evidence of your wrongdoing.

It's devastating to learn that an employee is stealing proprietary information from you, or your significant other is cheating you -- even more so to find out that it's been happening for months or even years without your knowledge. If you have an inkling, a hunch, or even just a notion that this may be going on, one of the surest ways to find proof is to have a forensic expert check over their cell phone or their computer. Despite what many people think, it's quite difficult to really get rid of the information that passes through your mobile. Delete a text or a picture, and it's still in there somewhere, waiting for a forensic mobile specialist to uncover it.

Of course, not all private investigators have cell phone forensics experts working for them, and relatively few such experts work for PIs at all. Most of them can be found in one of the litigation support services Arizona offers its lawyers. By restoring SMS text messages, pictures, caller ID information, address book entries, call records including date and time, duration, and the number conversed with, and in some cases, even GPS information, a mobile forensics specialist can fill in the missing pieces and put the pieces back together to make a solid case.

Of course, the forensics specialists might also uncover solid proof that your suspicions are misguided, and that your employee or spouse is perfectly innocent -- a much better ending for everyone involved.
Craig Reinmuth

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Craig Reinmuth is a Certified Public Accountant with over 35 years of experience. He is President of Expert Insights, P.C., a full service litigation support firm providing services to legal communities nationwide. He has testified as an expert witness in Federal District Courts as well as District and Superior Courts in the States of Arizona, California, Montana, Nevada and Wisconsin. Learn more about Craig.

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