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Forensic Accounting

Calender May 4, 2015 at 11:04am

Forensic Accounting Services in Arizona To Protect Your Money

Forensic AccountingIn a court of law, there are certain forensic accounting services Arizona is likely to bring to the case, whether working on the side of the plaintiff or defense. Forensic accounting services are an area of the litigation support services Phoenix and other Arizona courts utilize regularly. An ideal career for someone who has both legal and financial expertise or interest, forensic accounting requires investigative skills, strict discipline, and integrity. A forensic accountant is commonly called upon to investigate crimes such as embezzlement, money laundering, securities fraud, and other so-called 'white collar' crimes. That said, almost any time the State of Arizona needs to figure out if someone paid someone else in commission of a crime, there's a good chance they'll call a forensic accountant to get the job done. Forensic accounting can be divided into five basic categories of activity:
  • Investigation - determining whether or not criminal activities have occurred, including identity theft, property theft, insurance fraud, or bribery. Also, in civil cases, such as locating hidden assets in divorce proceedings.

  • Consultation - advising private entities or individuals on ways they can reduce their potential losses in the future, thereby preventing the aforementioned white collar crime.

  • Litigation support - collecting and presenting evidence of financial activities related to a given court case. Also, examining the process of settlement itself, such as quantifying the damages that one party might sustain in a protracted legal battle.

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution - acting as an assistant to a mediator or arbiter, offering advice on all financial aspects of the dispute and working out an agreeable resolution for all involved.
Because of their close work with the legal system, forensic accountants and other litigation support service providers tend to hold their reputation and their integrity in very high regard. Forensic accountants have an overwhelming dedication to finding the truth, and doing their job right. That should be a comforting notion for anyone relying on the Arizona justice system to protect what's rightfully theirs.
Craig Reinmuth

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Craig Reinmuth is a Certified Public Accountant with over 35 years of experience. He is President of Expert Insights, P.C., a full service litigation support firm providing services to legal communities nationwide. He has testified as an expert witness in Federal District Courts as well as District and Superior Courts in the States of Arizona, California, Montana, Nevada and Wisconsin. Learn more about Craig.

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