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Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support

Expert Insight, P.C. is a Scottsdale, Arizona based firm specializing in digital forensics and investigative accounting services In commercial and family law cases with a focus on delivering targeted results.

A Strategic Approach to Digital Forensics

In today's litigation environment, attorneys and their clients need to find the facts in order to get to the truth. They also need expert witness testimony that will present credible evidence in a clear and convincing manner. Expert Insights offers the integrity, experience and technology to fulfill those needs.

Our unique approach to litigation support bridges the gap between technology and relevant data, allowing us to overcome even the most complex data collection challenges and deliver the evidence and analysis critical to your case.

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Complete Litigation Support

Expert Insights can assist during all stages of the litigation process.
Pre-discovery planning

Pre-discovery planning





Expert witness testimony

Expert witness testimony


Our professionals are always focused on providing superior, targeted results. We consistently apply this operating philosophy to every aspect of our clients' interests. This places a special responsibility upon every member of our group to be efficient and cost-conscious in delivering the highest quality professional services.

Simplifying the complex

Family Law
Locating hidden assets and income. Preserving separate property.

Forensic Accounting
Finding the financial truth

Digital Forensics
Finding the evidence you need

Economic Damages
Quantifying the hurt

Business Valuation
Defendable valuations

Post-Settlement Financial Planning
Maximizing what you fought hard to obtain

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